Are the thoughts driving you to the blind alley?

Invisible illness
Invisible illness
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The brain has such an unimaginable power within that we have not been able to understand since today. Sometimes it makes us feel great and overtime its behavior begin to switch. To control your life, you should consider following these instructions.

Why emotionally stuck

Before treating, you need to know the reasons. John Amodeo, in his book, wrote why people get emotionally stuck in their lives.

He says;

If the shame is not painful, you would not even be able to spot it. You may also think you are a loser.

set a goal, primer method,
set a goal, primer method,
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If applied, it will change your life forever.

Are you fed up with setting a new goal that never pans out? Or you just stopped trying to achieve your dreams because it never came to pass? All of us have different aspirations like,

Some want a new, better job.

Some want to have a toned physique.

Some want to improve their interpersonal skills.

Some wish to have a promising relationship while for others financial security is a bold big goal.

A defined goal is always necessary to take control of your life’s direction, to focus and to succeed in life. It gives your life meaning, makes you work harder to be a better version of yourself and to achieve the milestone you have set to upgrade your life. And it’s not like you’ve set a goal and you ‘want it’ or ‘expect it’ to happen. Remember “Hope is not a strategy”. …

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When I was a child lying on a bed, I keenly urged to get mature and embrace the feeling of freedom. Freedom of going to the office with a lustrous and sleek dress, freedom of empowerment, freedom of making my own choices. But with time, I faced maturity and then I realized that it is not as fascinating as I expected. Maturity does not proceed with age; it’s something that you will learn with experience, it could be good or bad.

When a person grows up various changes takes place in him both physically as well as mentally. The physical maturity will give a person the abundance of overall health and empowerment, but the maturity of mind leads to a sense of understanding and to adopt the behavioral responses according to the situation. …

It’s been attacked several times before a recent attack.

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U.S. Capitol

The U.S. capitol has a history of about 200 years. The U.S. capitol also known as the capitol building is located in the Washington D.C. on capitol hill and is the meeting place of the United States Congress and the house of representatives where they pass the country’s laws and where the president made all the important decision for the progress of the country and also delivers the annual state of the union address.

The U.S. capitol was built in 1800 and was built to house legislative governance. But in its history of 200 years, there are several occasions when America’s most iconic building became the site of violence. The building has suffered the violence in the form of a break-in, fire and shooting — the U.S. Capitol has been attacked several times before the attack of January 6. …

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In your everyday life, you get to deal with many people, and you just can’t trust the person you just met. Be careful in associating with people for your peace and well being as bad company ruins good morals. A personality disorder is a class of mental disorders, behavioral traits, cognition, and dealing with different people and situations that differ from social and cultural norms.

Personality disorders intensify as long as you surround yourself with toxic and venomous interactions. And dealing with a person with a personality disorder also gonna affect your mental health, self-esteem reputation, confidence, and peace. …

A reading list for better inner and outer self.

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Where should you start in 2021?

To me, the answer is to ‘make myself travel without moving my feet.’ Reading more productive books, I have never read.

I read many masterpieces people usually don’t talk about. These books helped me create personal projects that rocketed my growth. They helped me expand more of what I have got in my life.

Below is the list of 11 books that will help you live a better and healthier life amidst the unreal.

‘Games People Play: The Psychology of Human Relationships’ by Eric Berne

This book is a bestselling book of 1964 by psychiatrist Eric Berne. With its brilliant title and delightful categories, ‘ Games People Play’ got the attention of people. This book remained on the New York Times bestseller list for two years. The first section of the book is written in a scholarly style, but Eric’s tone lightens up in the second section. Many people bought the book for the later sections. The title of the book has made its place in the English idiom as well. …

It’s paucity leads to an inferiority complex.

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‘Self-esteem’ means “reverence for self.”

Nathaniel Branden — the father of self-esteem, enumerates self-esteem in terms of competence and worthiness. According to him,

It entails a sense of personal efficacy and personal worth. It is the integrated sum of self-confidence and self-respect. It is the conviction that one is competent to live and worthy of living.

It isn’t easy to put self-esteem into precise words.

The definitional maze of self-esteem consists of different definitions by different scholars. …

If you speak, speak optimistically. If you do, do good deeds. If you think, think logically.

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What does it mean when we say logically?

Logical thinking is the mind’s ability to focus on different thought processes and opt for the rational conclusion between right and wrong based upon facts and reasoning.

When we say logically, we generally mean something makes sense.

It makes sense that some people are saving money for the future, and some people are going to puff a lot of money in the wind tonight?

Some people are so conservative, and some are so liberal.

Some are entrepreneurs, and some are employees.

Why is it so? Why do we think the way we think? Every person has its own reasons and logic. …

If I could offer one piece of advice, it’s this. Develop a habit.

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Habits are daily routine actions and decisions.

Change takes time. Sometimes, it demands frequent experiments and repeated setbacks. You can take control over it once you understand how it works.

In the words of Adam Costa,

It’s a simple process. First, define your purpose. Second, break your purpose into a series of goals. Third, develop routines to achieve your goals. Over time, these routines become habits, they become automatic — and eventually, those habits define you.

Sometimes habits emerge outside of our consciousness or can be deliberately designed. …

How you can use them?

7 ways to success
7 ways to success
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Before getting into the ways of how you can achieve success, we start with the basic term of what actually the success is.

Unfortunately, instead of the good intention of achieving it, we all elucidate in a very wrong way.

Success is not having a large acre house, or travelling the world by having a vast budget, or a trip with your friends on a yard or having a luxurious styled life.

Yes, there is no neglection in this that according to our society, it’s what success should be like.

We mostly get attracted towards the things that are easily observable, but with the passage of time, we develop this fact that bounding ourselves with the possibility of pursuing things that actually make a lasting difference is what success is all about. …


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