Are the thoughts driving you to the blind alley?

Invisible illness
Invisible illness
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The brain has such an unimaginable power within that we have not been able to understand since today. Sometimes it makes us feel great and overtime its behavior begin to switch. To control your life, you should consider following these instructions.

Why emotionally stuck

Before treating, you need to know the reasons. John Amodeo, in his book, wrote why people get emotionally stuck in their lives.

He says;

If the shame is not painful, you would not even be able to spot it. You may also think you are a loser.

Take aim and then fire.

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The greatest debate these days is probably on this topic- doers and dreamers. And there definitely can’t be a unanimous verdict about which one is better. But I can brief you about the pros and cons of both ‘cults.’

You guys must think that you know the difference between these two. But it might not be true. So I will enlighten you, people, before moving ahead. A dreamer is the one who thinks of doing things-big things. And he creates plans to get things done in the best way possible. At the same time, a doer is the one who…

It is never too late to be great.

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The world is for those people who can cease it. And many people think that they are not good enough to compete with other people. But it would take only a day to reform yourself. So if you want to change yourself, you need to adopt these habits to compete with all the big league players.

Now you might all be thinking that changing one’s personality is not so easy. So to motivate you, I would give you the example of a below-ordinary kid who turned out to be the most extraordinary person ever. Yes, I am talking about Albert…

02: ‘The spider technique’ study at the University of Kansas.

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‘Focus’ — a world too small with an impact too large is a characteristic that only the top tier people possess. Because the focus is something that converges all the energies of a person towards a single point, and when a person converges all his attention towards one spot, he can make anything come true.

The greatest example of focus in history is Benjamin Franklin, an author, a statesman, a scientist, and an inventor. He was an average kid, and his folks told him that he would never amount to anything. He could not complete his formal education. But then…

‘The elephant way’ can help you avoid poisoning your life.

Envy, self improvement article, life, productivity, better advice
Envy, self improvement article, life, productivity, better advice
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Are you saving money for a dream house? Perhaps you bought a car because your friend did it too. You just killed a dream of yours right away. How much of this have you done in your life? Wishing for one thing but settling for something else because others did it too. You might not know, but you have been sabotaging your dreams for quite a long now without even knowing it. The biggest reason you have been doing this is ‘Envy.’ …

06# Stop surfing your waves of destruction.

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As the great Sir William Shakespeare said,

Here we wager on doing things, but the kind of things you should be doing is also of the essence. And as we vouch for doing great things, we also tell you that you should not do things. There are a lot of things that you should do to change your life. But nobody talks about the things you should not do. …

Reminiscence: You have fallen into the pit of overthinking.

Stop overthinking, start living, prolific life, self improvement articles.
Stop overthinking, start living, prolific life, self improvement articles.
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According to the statistics provided by World Health Organization (WHO), almost 640 million individuals in the world are currently going through depression. This is a very alarming statistic. It states almost 10% of the total population is suffering from depression, which means 1 out of every ten individuals is depressed. So naturally, one comes to think that there must be something common in so many individuals that have fallen prey to depression.

According to research, the biggest cause of depression is overthinking. And many people don’t even know it. So here we will point out ten key habits that might…

The grass is always greener on the other side.

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The more, the merrier. Yes, we agree to it one hundred percent. The greater the things you have, the happier you feel. But what is the end to it? If you get something, your heart will want even more. Like if you become rich, you’ll desire to be even richer. Once you become a millionaire, you will want to become a billionaire. And then you will desire to be the richest man in the country. Then in the world. And if you do not feel happy otherwise, then you should learn to stay happy in less. …

The extended mind: The brain isn’t smarter than you.

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You might have heard this line from influencers to ‘think outside the box”. But what is the box?

The box is the hindrance in your path that keeps you from using your creative powers. But have you ever thought about this that your brain could be the box that stops you from being imaginative and creative? The brain thinks about a situation articulately and then gives a very precise decision. That decision might be right. But it would never be extraordinary. Because to be extraordinary, you need to think extraordinary. …

The habit of “pleasing” is a disease.

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Being nice to people, being kind, being courteous- yes, it all sounds nice until it is at the cost of one’s self-respect, interests, and values. Stop being so sweet that people may chew you up. Being nice to people is good, but if you have a knack for pleasing everybody, it’s a disease or an addiction that needs to be looked into. To be frank, trying to please everyone is a recipe for stress, misery, and frustration. It is a con that you play with your own-self.

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