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Better Advice-submission guidelines.

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We accept both drafts and published stories.

  • Articles should be readers friendly, and it should add value to the reader.
  • Content quality should be good, and the article should be well researched.
  • Support your article with facts. Remember, add a source link.
  • Your article should contain advice or lesson for the reader how the reader can live a better and happier life.
  • We prefer articles with three or more than three-minute read time

What we don’t accept

  • What we are not accepting? We don’t accept complex articles which are too difficult to understand.
  • We reject articles that don’t back their quotes and facts.
  • We receive drafts that contain lots of grammar mistakes. We reject them without thinking about how good the content was.

I recommend, use Grammarly or any other grammar-check software.

  • We don’t accept articles with interviews and no clear takeaways.
  • Posts that are like a chapter of some school book and not throwing a good impression on the reader's mind. Stories with no clear advice or takeaways.
  • We don’t accept stories about medium in Better Advice.
  • We do not accept plagiarized content.

Writing style

  • The story title should be clear and not a clickbait one. The story title should be like this “How You are deluding yourself by fictionalizing your memory.” Titles like “How life changed” are not throwing a clear message. We don’t accept such articles.
  • Please capitalize your title correctly. You can use the title case generator in this regard. Subtitles should be in sentence case. The title and subtitle should not be too lengthy.
  • The image should be of high quality. Give credit if you are using pictures from the free platform like Unsplash, pixels, etc.
  • If you are using your own picture, or photography give credit by writing “Image by author”.
  • Use medium curation guidelines while writing your article. If you want to get an idea about formatting, Read this article, How you are deluding yourself by fictionalizing your memory.
  • No ads or promotional links in your article.
  • We accept or reject the article within one day. In some cases, it takes two days but not more than that. You will get a notification either your article is accepted or rejected in a publication.
  • Our main focus is on quality. We do not accept lengthy articles with no quality content at all.
  • We prefer stories with 4 or four-minute plus read time.

Articles for you

You can get an idea from these articles about what we are looking for and what type of articles are best fit for Better Advice.

  • Life
  • Self
  • Personal growth
  • Self-Improvement
  • Life Lessons
  • Productivity
  • Psychology
  • Inspiration
  • Books
  • Quotes
  • Self-help

Become a writer

Fill out this form, and we will add you as a writer.

  • You are not active on medium for too long.
  • Your already published stories do not match the scope (about) of Better Advice.

How to submit a story

Once you are added as a writer in better advice, you can submit your story by following these procedures.

  • Select “add to publication”.
  • Choose “Better Advice” from the list.
  • Click add draft to submit your story for review.

— Better Advice

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